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Lilybank Side onAbout our Holiday Cottage in Montrose, Scotland

Before Lilybank Holiday Cottage was developed as a vacation cottage, it was originally a traditional Scottish farm cottage. The original part of the house has been in existence since the 1800's. It was originally built as a 2 bedroom crofting-type cottage, typical of the type of buildings which were commonplace throughout the North-East of Scotland crofting/farming communities.

The current Lilybank was designed by award winning Scottish Architect Michael Forbes-Beattie in 2009, with building works finishing in early 2010.

Lilybank Cottage Before The Renovation

Lilybank original cottage

Lilybank original cottage

Lilybank Cottage Now

Lilybank Daff2  

Lilybank Holiday Cottage, was designed in 2010 by an award-winning Scottish architect.

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